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No cash? No worries! FavePay lets you pay your bills with your smartphone quickly and easily – whether you’re eating at your favourite restaurants and cafés, or fitting in some retail therapy.

No more swiping cards or counting cash. Just ask to pay with FavePay, and get rewarded with up to 30% cashback at the best places in town!

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Download the Fave app to start using FavePay!

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20% off  Cashback max cap RM 10 for your first transaction

...and many, many more!

Over 1,000 of your favourite places accept FavePay!

Every partner has a unique QR code; tap this button and scan it

How to use FavePay

See it in action!

Type your bill amount 

and pay

Scan the FavePay QR code 

at the outlet

Simply enter your total bill amount, and tap ‘Pay Now’ to finish paying

*You will need to register your credit/debit card to use FavePay. Rest assured, we take data security very seriously, and store all information and card details in a secure vault service using state-of-the-art encryption.

Get cashback, feel 

like a boss 😎

Get up to 30% instant cashback to use on your next visit to that outlet

The media loves FavePay too!

"Designed to reward customers and encourage them to return for further visits in the future"

"Fave goes beyond just deals with FavePay; allows users to pay and earn rewards by scanning a QR code"

"FavePay has finally made their debut to make cashless great in Malaysia"

"Aims to enable anyone with a smartphone and a credit/debit card to pay using their phones"

"A smart first step into enabling mobile payments in Malaysia"

Amazing, right? Download the Fave app to

start using FavePay at an outlet near you!

Want to start accepting FavePay?

Need help with a transaction? Got a question? Write to

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