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(As of 28 May 2020)

What's Gift a Meal?

The coronavirus outbreak has affected many, including businesses who have experienced a massive loss of income.  At the same time, there are individuals that are in need of meals due to these changes. 

It's a tough time for everyone and by gifting a meal, you can show some love to those facing a tough time financially due to COVID-19 in Singapore.

Great! What do I do?

If you would like to donate a meal:

  1. Purchase a meal from this #GiftAMeal collection.
    Please purchase only 1 voucher per transaction. This helps us better distribute the meal.
  2. Add a heartfelt message and gift it to
    (Learn how to gift here!)
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 if you would like to donate more.
To those who need a meal....

It's a tough time for everyone and we would like to show some love to those facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. We would like to offer you a meal.

If you really do need a free meal, please do not feel paiseh to fill in this form ok? We all need a helping hand sometimes. Tough times don't last last, tough people do. If you need more than one meal, just fill the form again and we'll match up according to the available vouchers.

If you know someone who needs a meal, do share this with them. We sincerely request that the meals are reserved for those who really need them #SGunited

When you receive your meal and would like to thank the donors, just snap a photo and send it to We will like to create a thank you note on your behalf to them.

Note: Requests are matched with available donations and Fave does not guarantee the availability of vouchers.